Grundfos Submersible Pump

Keen Well & Pump uses Grundfos’ 4″ submersible pumps. Grundfos pumps feature corrosion resistant stainless steel construction and are designed to provide years of trouble free performance.


With built-in sand bearing protection, the 4″ submersible can handle the sandy conditions often found in domestic wells. Built-in, jam free check valves and special upthrust protection guarantee smooth running, fail-safe operation.


Grundfos 4″ submersibles are supplied with a rugged Grundfos submersible motor and manufactured of stainless steel. The two units together result in a quality pumping unit built to last.


Grundfos Submersible Pumps are designed for longevity and efficiency

» Wide Range of Sizes
Grundfos offers a complete range of submersible pumps and motors to fit virtually any application, with flow rates of 0 -1100 gallons per minute.

» State-of-the-art Hydraulics
Pump efficiency is maximized by constant improvement of the high-performance hydraulic design, and precise manufacturing process.

» 100% High-grade Stainless Steel
Rugged stainless steel construction inside and out resists corrosion and attack from aggressive liquids.

» Motors
Grundfos manufactures it’s own line of quality submersible motors in a broad variety of sizes. With the same stainless steel construction and quality design as our pumps, Grundfos can provide the complete solution for your submersible pumping needs.

Why do you need a well tank? Your well pump forces water to the surface. Without a well tank, the well pump would need to turn on every time you opened a faucet in order to maintain water pressure. Your well tank acts as a water storage container giving your well pump a much needed rest in between cycles. When air pressure inside the well tank decreases due to water usage, a pressure switch automatically activates telling the well pump to fill the tank. This assures an ample supply of well water will be on hand the next time you need it.


WELL-RITE with CAD-2 is Flexcon’s premium steel well tank. Designed for premium water system installations, the improved Flexcon WELL-RITE continues to set the standard for steel well tanks. It’s the only well water tank in this category that combines CAD-2 technology (Flexcon’s famous controlled action diaphragm system) with a stainless steel water connection. The result is superior air and water separation and unmatched performance.




» Tank – 16 gauge cold rolled steel

» Finish – Appliance quality paint for indoor or outdoor installation

» Water Chambers – Top chamber is 100% butyl rubber, lower water chamber is copolymer polypropylene

» Connection – Stainless Steel

» Testing – High pressure, seam weld, helium, final precharge check

» Air valve – Brass valve with o-ring seal

» Warranty – Five year





Keen Well & Pump can install your water softener, iron/sulfur filters, reverse osmosis system, and ultra violet system.










Keen uses water treatment equipment from industry leader CSI. CSI manufactures outstanding water treatment equipment utilizing proven technology.  Their commitment to quality shows in every piece of their equipment, and by their belief in using only the top of tier supplies for all of their components. We are thankful that CSI shares our dedication to quality. Our decision to utilize only top-quality products like those from CSI, and offer them at sensible prices will pay off for you!